Basically this site is only for me.

But I'm grad when this site is useful for you.
The reasons of uploading this site is get a self-satisfaction.
(Web skills, johnny's fan, girly color and design, etc...)

Thanks for visiting this site. I'm grad if you want to know me and/or this site.
I'm afraid this site is written in JAPANESE ONLY. But you can send a mail in English if you want.

Sorry for my poor English. It may be difficult to understand for you.

The siteowner is...

Birthday & Age
Jan. 29, 1994, 19 years old
Usually Appear in
Circle with the max-radius of 3 kilometers of Akita Station
Stand 174 centimeters tall, and my bag's color is wine-red. I have various pinky items. (ex: cellphone, walkman, DVD case, notebook, trashbox, USB memory, pen etc...)
I want to...
  • be a grad-boy, so I'm trying.
  • live in small peaceful place.
  • get a small happiness.
Respecter of
Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP), Ryu☆(beatnation), Tatsh(Shimizu Tatsuya, beatnation) etc...
Like Brands
4℃, Ank Rouge and LIZ LISA
Sorry that this info is old..., I'll write again soon!